Mutton Raan Boneless


Specs: Curry size pieces from the Raan

Chilled, HALAL

Pack: 450 Grams

Pieces: 10 – 12

Recipe > Coming Soon….

Gross Weight:   600 grams

Net Weight:   450 grams

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Also known as: Gosht, Mansa, Mattan, Matana, Āṭṭiṟaicci, Matan,
Scientific Name: Gallus gallus domesticus
Similar to:
Cooking Styles: Stir fry, baking, stuffing

Boneless pieces from the Raan - The Hind Leg. We add no preservatives, fillers or flavours. It's all natural

Why not try this recipe when you next order our Raan - Coming Soon....

Kitchen Tips - While this is by no means a comprehensive list, we hope that these simple tips will help you maximise your enjoyment of our mutton.

    • Storing - Must be stored in your fridge. Ideally always keep the bag sealed to minimize contact with air - using rubber bands helps when you've already opened the bag.
    • Cooking - Mutton takes a while to cook well. Many pressure cook mutton to hasten the process and nothing wrong with that at all. But there are certain types of dishes that need the mutton to "bhunoed" for a while on slow heat to really get the flavours working. Mutton, whether goat or lamb, can be safely cooked to between 65°-75° C internal temperature. In India though we actually it cook it to a much higher internal temperature.
    • Raw Mutton - It's always best to cook food thoroughly to minimize the risk of food borne illness. Please do ensure that your mutton is thoroughly cooked through.
    • Serving - Mutton should ideally be served hot but what helps more is resting the mutton (not necessary for minced/kheema) for a little while after taking it out of the oven (if its being roasted or grilled). Carrying picnic mutton dishes in coolers, preferably cold packs or on ice is a recommended best practice to follow. If the cooler can be stored in the shade with the lid closed, it helps keep the inner contents cooler longer. Mutton based cold cuts (very rare) should be kept as cool as possible and ideally served on platters kept in the refrigerator.

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