Gavran Chicken Curry Pieces


Specs: Free Range & Corn Fed.

On-Bone Curry Pieces, Chilled, HALAL

Pack: 450 Grams

Pieces: 10-12 per pack

Recipe > Coming Soon….

Gross Weight:   685 gms

Net Weight:   450 grams

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Also known as: Desi Murga, Murgi, Kombdi, Kozhi, Murgir, Kukkad
Scientific Name: giriraja
Similar to:
Cooking Styles: Stuffed and grilled or roasted

Desi or Gavran Chicken, this cannot be mistaken for broiler chicken at all! Our Gavran Chicken are Free Range and bred on a diet largely made up local corn. The farm in Pishvi, Velhe is organic and pesticide free.

Why not try this recipe when you next order our Chicken Curry Pieces without Skin- Coming Soon...

Kitchen Tips - While this is by no means a comprehensive list, we hope that these simple tips will help you maximise your enjoyment of our chicken.

    • Storing - Must be stored in your fridge. Ideally always keep the bag sealed to minimize contact with air - using rubber bands helps when you've already opened the bag.
    • Cooking - Chicken cooks fairly quickly and given that breast pieces are low in fat, a quick sear on both side on high heat helps lock the juices in and then cook them slow and keep them well basted. Ideally to check of chicken is cooked, use a food grade thermometer to check if the internal temperature has reached 72°-75° C at center of the thickest part.
    • Raw Chicken - It's always best to cook food thoroughly to minimize the risk of food borne illness. Given poultry's propensity to salmonella, please do ensure that your chicken is thoroughly cooked through.
    • Serving - Chicken should ideally be served hot but what helps even more is resting the chicken for a little while after taking it out of the oven (if its being roasted or grilled). Carrying picnic chicken in coolers, preferably cold packs or on ice is a recommended best practice to follow. If the cooler can be stored in the shade with the lid closed, it helps keep the inner contents cooler longer. Cold chicken should be kept as cool as possible and ideally served on platters kept in the refrigerator.

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