Fresh Prawns – Small


Specs: Cleaned, Peeled & Deveined, Tail-On
Only top “vein” is removed as per international norms.

Pack: 500 gms(Equivalent to 1 KG gms Whole Prawns)

Pieces: 50-55 per pack

RecipeChilli Garic Prawns.


Gross Weight:   1 Kg

Net Weight:   500 gms

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Also known as: Jhinga, Chingri, Zinga, Sungat, Eraa, Chemeen, Royya
Scientific Name: Litopenaeus vannamei / L. Vanammei
Similar to: Scampi (fresh water prawn)
Cooking Styles: Steamed, fried, blanched, deep fried, curry

Fresh Prawns - Small with Tail On, comprising 50-55 prawns per 500 grams pack, are the most widely sold in the market and is the size you will invariably eat if you order a prawn dish in restaurants as well. This size is used across the board in all kinds of recipes and cooking styles.

Why not try this recipe when you next order our Fresh Large Prawns - Chilli Garic Prawns


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