Fresh Prawns – Large


Specs: Cleaned, Peeled & Deveined, Tail-On
Only top “vein” is removed as per international norms.

Pack: 500 gms(Equivalent to 1 KG gms Whole Prawns)

Pieces: 30-35 per pack

RecipeChilli Garic Prawns.


Gross Weight:   1 Kg

Net Weight:   500 gms

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Also known as: Jhinga, Chingri, Zinga, Sungat, Eraa, Chemeen, Royya
Scientific Name: Litopenaeus vannamei / L. Vanammei
Similar to: Scampi (fresh water prawn)
Cooking Styles: Steamed, fried, blanched, deep fried, curry

Fresh Large Prawns, comprising 30-35 prawns per 500 grams pack, are the most widely sold in the market and is the size you will invariably eat if you order a prawn dish in restaurants as well. This size is used across the board mostly for barbecuing.

Why not try this recipe when you next order our Fresh Large Prawns - Chilli Garic Prawns


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