Delivery Information

Fishvish currently provides home delivery service (based on conditions mentioned below) in Pune (PMC limits).

Is delivery free?

Delivery charges are applicable based on the value of your order and your pincode and this will be displayed on the Cart and the Checkout Pages. The order value is based on the subtotal of your order before any discounts or promotions are applied.

  1. Currently we do not accept orders under Rs.500.
  2. Orders over Rs.500 attract a flat delivery fee based on distance to your delivery location and can be anywhere between Rs.30 to Rs.200 based on your pincode.
  3. Also depending on your delivery location, if your order value is over higher than the value set for that zone, we then offer Free Delivery. The table below gives the details.
Zone Range in Kms Minimum Order Flat Rate Free Delivery Order Value
Zone 1 0-4 Rs.500 Rs.30 800
Zone 2 4-6 Rs.500 Rs.50 1000
Zone 3 6-10 Rs.500 Rs.75 1250
Zone 4 10-12 Rs.500 Rs.95 1500
Zone 5 12-16 Rs.500 Rs.125 1750
Zone 6 16-18 Rs.500 Rs.155 2000
Zone 7 18 onwards Rs.500 Rs.200 2400


When do you deliver?

We deliver 7 Days a Week, that’s right, Sundays too! [Well, unless there are “lockdowns” in place ;-)]

You can select your delivery date & slot on the checkout page and up to 2 days in advance! If a delivery slot is not showing on your selected date it would be for one of the following reasons:

  • your allocated delivery warehouse does not have the slot active yet.
  • you are trying to place an order in less than the cutoff minutes from the start of the time slot for e.g. you want the Morning slot today but its already passed 6 am – our delivery slots close between 30 and 120 minutes before start of time slot.
  • there are already too many orders placed for that slot in your area and we cant service any more orders in that time slot for that day (very rare as we plan ahead for increasing orders per slot).
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